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Dr. Angela Mawson is a chiropractor in Columbia, CT. If you suffer from Fibromyalgia in Columbia, CT or from another type of chronic pain, The Neurologic Relief Center of Columbia, CT offers powerful therapies for people who suffer from chronic pain disorders (such as Fibromyalgia) that may be neurologic in nature. Dr. Angela Mawson, a Columbia, Connecticut chiropractor utilizes therapies that have resulted in relief of pain, discomfort, distress and dysfunction for thousands of patients who suffer from disorders such as:

Neurologic Relief Center Techmique done at The Pain to Wellness Chiropractic Center of Eastern Connecticut has been able to give a great many of our patients a better quality of life and health by employing exciting techniques that can reduce or eliminate the pain of Fibromyalgia and other troubling symptoms they experience. Our therapies do not involve surgical procedures or medications, yet they usually yield incredible outcomes – greatly diminishing the acuteness of the pain and discomfort patients are subjected to in carrying out daily activities.

Our pain-relief therapies have a well-documented track record of success and are based on scientific observation and study. Our therapeutic approach is:

  • Meningeal Decompression – Relief of compression of the meninges (the three-membrane protective covering of the spinal cord and brain), which may cause the symptoms expressed in many neurologic disorders.

To learn more about these conditions and our therapeutic treatments and our chiropractor, please read more on our CONDITIONS and THERAPIES web pages or contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 860-228-2662.

Our goal: Bringing you from pain to wellness.